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tips for travelling with kids at christmas

Christmas is the PERFECT time for family time, but often that means traveling and staying away from home. Dreading the journey this year? Don’t sweat – we’ve got you covered with a few tips to keep things rosy on your festive travels…

are we there yet?

Don’t want those words ringing through your ears on your car journey, plan our your route with that in mind. You’ll know by now that your little traveller won’t want to be cooped up too long in the car. For young babies it’s recommended that they aren’t in the car seat for longer than 30 mins, and when they are older they shouldn’t be sat in a car seat for longer than 2 hours at a time.

Stop tantrums in their tracks, but finding routes that have places to stop along the way, if you do your research you can really find some hidden gems, like farm shops with animals etc!

entertainment on the move

Whilst you’re in the car it can sometimes take the stress out of the journey for everyone by having some entertainment like a movie, or their favourite tv programme to watch! Our clever little on-the-go tablet holder, ‘Stay Tuned’, will keep little ears and eyes entertained for any journey.

get comfy!

Even as adults we hate being in tight clothing whilst we’re travelling, opt for comfies like joggers, loose tops and cosy socks that won’t be too restrictive for your little one.

You can always get them changed into their best clothes at your last stop, so you don’t arrive at your destination with mushed snacks and drink spillages, taking centre stage!!

say goodbye to soggy travels

With little ones around there are bound to be some accidents, especially during the exciting but wet little endeavours of potty training. Pop our award winning Oopsie Do Do inside your fit car seat to keep seats nice and dry. More than a wee bit helpful.

Happy travels!