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Shaving Foam

super speedy sensory ideas for your toddler

Ever just needed something to entertain your toddler while you drink that warm cup of tea? Here’s our super speedy sensory ideas that take next to no time to prep!

shaving foam

The speediest for all our ideas, shaving foam is full of fun! All you need to do fill up a tray (e.g. baking tray) with shaving foam and pop some toy cars, or kitchen utensils inside! Endless fun searching for toys and making pretty patterns!


Add in some food colouring too!

cocoa and flouring painting

A super smell sensation! Spread some flour over a tray and add in some baking cocoa over top. We recommend creating an interesting shape or letter too. Give your little artist a paint brush or other utensils and let them get creative. In our experience, they spend ages mixing the flour and cocoa powder which is great for their fine motor skills.

Cocoa and Flouring Painting

water & fruit potion making

Grab a slightly deeper tray or bucket and fill it up with water, and add a couple of drops of food colouring. Then add in some sliced oranges/lemons or other fruits you’ve got around. You can give your wizard in training some jugs, spoons and other kitchen tools to start mixing up their own potions! We’d recommend you pop that wizarding cape (apron) on too!


A firm favourite with the Koodi Crew, gloop is one of those activities that aren’t only satisfying for your mess maker, but is also satisfying for parents too! Grab yourself some cornflour and mix with water until you get a good consistency. What’s really amazing is how it changes from solid to liquid in your hands!

What’s more, it’s easier to clean than you think as once it’s dry it’ll brush off!

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