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Get out more

get out more - one thing parents should do every day

Did you know that one in five adults and one in six kids in the UK have a vitamin D deficiency?* It’s because during our grey Autumn and gloomy Winter we don’t get enough sunlight to kick start our bodies into making it, particularly when we stay home all day working or hiding from wet weather.  

Public Health England recommends that everyone in the UK should take a daily vitamin D supplement – including babies, unless they are drinking fortified infant formula.** Vitamin D deficiency can make you feel tired, achy and grumpy, as well as lead to long term health issues. Parenting can be tough, especially in the early stages when tiredness and overwhelm can easily tip into depression, so taking simple steps such as a daily supplement and going for a walk to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D are small actions worth prioritising. Plus, no one wants a grumpy toddler if they can help it!  

Sometimes when you’ve been up all night with a baby or your child is driving you up the wall, the last thing you want to do is go out in the wet and cold for a walk. However, you can top up your vitamin D with some good old sunlight outdoors so a bit of fresh air really will help you feel better, it’s science!  

“there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” - Alfred Wainwright

Get out more

Braving the rain is much more manageable if you have the right kit. You don’t want to be wrestling with sticky layers of plastic rain cover glued together by yesterday’s rain in a downpour. The Splish Splosh Rain Cover makes rainy walks a little bit easier, with its soft cotton feel and vents for airflow, it will keep the rain off little ones by fitting universally to any stroller (just make sure you choose the single or double version, depending which buggy you have!) The big front window will mean babies and toddlers can get a good look at the world as it passes by. 

Whether it’s a quick walk to the shop or a big adventure through fields and forests, having a good old walk will benefit you and the children by exposing you to sunlight for Vitamin D, getting some fresh air and burning up some energy.  

find a new route

Get out more

If you’re looking for new routes to walk, try the Strava app, on which other people have logged their walks to follow. Or if you have older children you could give geocaching a go – it’s like a big real-world treasure hunt with prizes hidden right under your nose.  


Whatever the weather, get outside this Winter and protect little ones from the rain for splashy, sploshy fun. 

helping you get out more

Our splish splosh rain cover is perfect for those outdoor adventures what ever the weather.