A Koo-di Mum at Christmas

December 05, 2018

A Koo-di Mum at Christmas

Christmas is such a family orientated time of year, and with a team made up almost entirely of part-time mums, we thought it was a good time to share one of our Koo-di mum’s Christmas experiences…


It’s officially the season to be jolly. If your children are anything like mine, then they’re probably hyped up to the very maximum and your discipline method of choice for the last few weeks has more than likely been “Santa’s watching…”

It’s a magical time, and of course they’re going to be excited, but I’ll let you in on a little secret... I’m massively excited too. My girls are ages 9 and 3. I’m not sure how many more years the eldest is going to ‘believe’ so this year I’m milking it for all it’s worth.

We’ve already crafted, written letters to Santa, written letters to the elves, the Santa Cam is out, Buddy the elf is back for Elf on the Shelf, we’ve baked - this year we're going all out!

If I’m honest, I wish I’d have never started the Elf on the Shelf, because thinking of ideas of where to hang him next and clearing up after the little blighter is proving more than a little tiresome - and then there are those days where I forget to move him, and get an interrogation from the girls the next day as to why he hasn’t moved (think on your feet mum, they’re onto you!)

We spend an age finding “the perfect tree”. There’s only once in my 34 years of life that I’ve had an artificial tree, and I remember my mum getting upset because it just wasn’t the same as a real one. From then on, I vowed that I’d always have a real tree – much to my husband’s annoyance.

I’m quite particular in choosing the tree, and it usually takes at least an hour or so forcing him to pull out each tree, spinning it in all directions for me to meticulously inspect before deciding on “The One”. We always decorate the tree together as a family. Last year this entailed my youngest balancing baubles on top of the branches and my eldest dressing a ten-inch square section of the tree with what seemed like a million decorations. (Buddy the Elf may have moved around some of the baubles that evening)

Even now, I send my mum a cutting from the tree, so she can have the Christmas smell on her now artificial tree - just like we did with my Grandma when I was young. Some traditions will live on forever and I think I’ll be hoovering up pines year by year until I’m no longer able to.

So many mums I’ve spoken to have different routines on Christmas Eve. They have boxes with new pj's, films and a hot chocolate from a cone shaped like a reindeer. We don’t. We do that the whole way through December.  In fact, we watched one Christmas film in June because, why not!

On our Christmas Eve, we start the afternoon at a friend’s house. They have a party every year with huge group of our friends and it’s great to see everyone together getting into the festive spirit with a glass or two of mulled wine… We walk home and then start getting things prepared for the big man himself. Mince pie and a drink for Santa, usually a drink for Mrs Claus and a carrot or two for Rudolph as well as a pot of magic food for the other reindeer.

The girls know that ‘he’ doesn’t come while they’re awake, so it’s not usually too difficult to get them to bed. Then we have “Mission Santa”. Presents come out from their hiding places, mince pie gets demolished – making sure to carefully leave some crumbs as evidence its really been eaten, and my husband ends up chewing bits of carrot out on to a plate outside the front door – Rudolph is a very messy eater! The things we do for kids eh?

Christmas truly is my favourite time of year, and I can only hope that the magic will stay alive in my family for generations to come. So, whatever you’re doing this year and however you decide to celebrate – on behalf of myself and the rest of the Koo-di Team, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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