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Myyfeed Multi Feeding System
  •  Myyfeed Multi Feeding System
  •  Myyfeed Multi Feeding System
  •  Myyfeed Multi Feeding System
  •  Myyfeed Multi Feeding System
Myyfeed Multi Feeding System

A revolutionary portable product for all stages of feeding

The Myyfeed Multi Feeding system works by allowing you to store a measured amount of hot water in the thermal flask which keeps the hot water warm and up to 9 scoops of formula milk in the powder dispenser, attach them together and your feed is prepared. To make your feed simply push down on to the push button to allow the formula to dispense into the hot water and shake to mix, then pour the milk into your own baby bottle. Myyfeed is a product for all stages of feeding from breast milk to solids.

  • Stores and keeps breast milk warm
  • Stores and mixes hot water & formula milk
  • Keeps hot water warm for hours
  • 2 in 1 product; insulator & dispenser
  • Stores and keeps food jars/baby food warm
  • Simple and easy to make a feed
  • Portable; fits inside changing bag
  • Reduces the need to carry multiple items
  • Convenient and quickly makes feed

The Myyfeed Multi Feeding System comes with a powder dispenser and a thermal flask, it eliminates the need to pour & measure hot water & formula at the moment when required reducing the risk of accidental spillages. Myyfeed is Perfect for feeding on the go or when travelling as it is an all in one product!

For breast milk feeding simply pour either the cool or preheated breast milk into the flask which will keep the milk warm or cool. When required pour the breast milk into your own preferred baby bottle. For solids either store cool or preheated jars directly into the flask. Alternatively empty the jar contents directly in to the Myyfeed flask which will keep the food warm.



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Myyfeed Multi Feeding System
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